Monday, 11 June 2012

Unseasonal sightings

I have posted about bats in the past when they have invaded the house and/or shed  several times.  The sightings involving active flight have occurred in the warmer months, while the one from Winter was due to finding them hiding in an old mattress.

Sue Churchill indicates that most bats in temperate areas hibernate so after a string of overnight lows around -5C it was a surprise to see one swooping around on the veranda at about 7pm last night.   There were a few Swift Moths around and a (the?) bat came in and plucked a moth off an orchid leaf.  At the speed it was moving no photo was possible.

A couple of days after this I went into our spare (ie non en suite) bathroom and found some 50 torpid, but large, blowflies in the bath and on the floor.  A burst of spray added 'dead' to their attributes.  As we don't heart that room I have no idea where the eggs had been hatching.

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