Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Census data for Stoney Creek Gazette area

I recently posted about some entertainments with Census data for States and Territories.  The beauty and utility of Census data is that it can also provide information for small areas - the individual Collector's Districts (CD) in a rural residential area such as that covered by the Gazette probably include no more than 350 dwellings.

Thus I have accessed the ABS Quickstats webpages for 

  • Carwoola (includes both Palerang and Queanbeyan components);
  • Hoskinstown (includes some areas outside the Gazette catchment - the single CD includes Rossi and some areas in Tallaganda); and
  • Primrose Valley.

A selection of the many data items available from Quickstats are included in the table shown in this image (click on the image to see a larger version).  If readers wish to access the full range of data through this service (which is Free!!!!) follow the links above.

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