Saturday, 13 February 2010

Some images of dampness

After I had climbed the ladder a few times to remove a few heaps of crud, the gutters were delivering well to the catch tank.
Whiskers Creek was sort of running into the ford under our drive but not really heavily: in view of the flow elsewhere on the place I wonder why that is so?  Does someone have a weir across it from which they have pumped a lot of water?  Has a tree blocked it somewhere upstream?

Nope I think it was just the water taking its own sweet tme to get down here.  An hour later it was running close to half a pipe -and beginning to think about crossing the road.

About 100m downstream from this ford is the point where run off from the hillside above our house gets into the stream.  As you can see from this shot there is plenty of water happening here!

The next two images show the creek on our North Western boundary in spate: I have never been up there before when it is raining (although it is part of our usual early morning walk).  I sometimes refer to it as Canyon Creek since it has eroded a nifty little gully where it leaves the place.  It is formed by the confluence of two gullies off the big property (Taliesin) on our Western boundary.

I'll finish this off with proof that moisture causes fungi.  These are not however the lovely field mushrooms that we pick from time to time and whenever they dain to emerge but Death Caps.

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