Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fungus rules (at least until eaten)!

Denis Wilson has posted about some fungi in his patch and I thought I'd put up a couple of images of those growing at our place.  As they were photographed on our kitchen bench they are not actually growing now, although there are plenty more around which I decided not to harvest!

The first image is as they entered the house while the second is after they have had all the kangaroo and wombat poop washed off them.

As far as I can tell these are the good old field mushrooms.  Certainly the ones I BBQ'd last evening have had no evil FX.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin.
That looks like a good crop, and as you have subsequentlyposed further stories, presumably the only "side effects" were gastronomic pleasures.
Strrangely I have seen no field mushrooms here, yet, nor the various Pine Mushrooms (edible forms) nor the infamous, but pretty "Fly Agaric" (the classic red Fairy Toadstools of story books).
Our rain this year seems to have been too early to trigger growth of any of these, as yet.
Lots of Fungi Fun Fotography lies ahead.