Sunday, 14 February 2010

The beat, or at least rain, goes on

Every time I stirred during the night it still seemed to be raining.  When it got light enough to see the rain gauge (at times I think we are the last household in Australia not to have a wireless electronic gauge) I found another 19mm had fallen getting the total for this event (thus far) to 65mm.

So I checked the radar.  As usual X marks more or less where we are and this time I have added a red arrow to show the direction in which the system is moving.  Given that it is basically calm (ie the only movement is the air dodging the raindrops) it is going to take a long while for that lot of blue to pass over us.

Looking at February thus far we have scored 119mm.  The most rain we have had in any month since moving here was 129mm in June 2007.  I suspect that record is going to be dead by about noon.

In fact it was history by 10am, by which time we had added another16mm.  Shortly after that Whiskers Creek got its act into gear and came over the drive.  Here are some more pictures (in case anyone is visiting for the second time and wonders what is different, for some reason my photo-handling program was flipping images, and that has now been remedied).

Once this lot calmed down - about 2:30 I took the car down to the Molonglo River.  On the way it was nice to see everyone's dams were now brimming, after a year of watching them slowly turn into mud holes.  The River crossing  was not surprisingly closed.  Herewith a couple of pictures: one looks out over Windemere station  who are not going to be short of grass in a while; and the other of the crossing itself.  The marker post shows it to be 0.8m deep in the middle. 

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