Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Reveg happens

I have commented in one of the earliest posts on this blog about our efforts to revegetate some of the more barren parts of the place.

The planting of tube stock tends to be fraught with grief and anxiety.  The firsteffort was followed by 2 months with next to no rain which gave a fair death rate through drought and then as the plants that were left began to grow the local wildlife assuaged their hunger in the easiest way: munch the tops of the trees as they popped out of the top of the covers. 

Greening Australia kindly gave us some more tubes and they also got replanted just in time for another dry spell which sorted out most of the eucalypts.  However the Acacias, Dondonea and Bursaria are beginning to come along, if only we get few more rainy periods to encourage the roos and hares to go somewhere else.  That being said I am not photographing them yet - it may steal their souls and expose them to death.

Enough with the negative vibrations.   The direct seeded area is coming on a treat.  Perhaps this is because what has mainly grown there are acacias and despite the area being well covered with roos and rabbits (and fat wombats at night).  Here are some photographs.

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