Saturday, 13 February 2010

Small dog update

I realised that I have not said much if anything about the small dog for a while.

In essence she goes well.  Her behaviour seems to have improved as a result of
  • her visit to Chez Egan while we were in Peru; and
  • us using an extender lead which somehow gives greater freedom to her and greater control to us.
The two following images show her in favourite evening poses in the sun room.

This image shows Tammy having her morning feed in Frances' potting shed.  She normally eats outside but at the time it was raining and we are soft on her.  A key point is the flowering frangipani in the background.  This comes from the house in Brighton where Frances parents lived since returning from NZ in about 1954 and where the 3 daughters all grew up.  A fair bit of emotional linkage there: add to it what I reckon is great horticulture in getting such a tropical plant to grow and you have a well deserved piccie!

The following shot shows a relaxed dog in her favourite pose as we watch TV!

1 comment:

Denis Wilson said...

A Frangipani in Hoskinstown?
That's some sort of achievement, surely.