One of the interesting aspects of travel is meeting people from backgrounds rather different to those encountered in Carwoola. On my last trip here the most interesting were an American couple sailing a yacht around the Pacific. This trip (so far) it is a pastor who is staying at the Melanesian. We had nodded acquaintance at the breakfast venue, and one morning I shared a table with him due to the staff shifting the small tables around. Apparently he has been coming here for 25 years (on and off) and travels around the Region doing good works. His wife - a very pleasant younger Chinese lady from Indonesia - had not been to Pt Vila before and reckoned it was a bit quiet.

On 6 March I did a different run around the back of the CBD ending up coming back past the market at about 6:25am. Most of the stall holders were on site - although not open for business -and several of them were listening to a preacher give them the rounds of the kitchen. I did wonder it if it was a politician touting for votes, but no-one was throwing yesterday's produce!

The run today passed by several of Port Vila's finest canines who seemed to have all been allocated patches of bitument to keep warm. None of them gave me a look as they were all engaged in licking sundry body parts. The only pooches that have seemed at all stroppy have been the ones inside fences, and I suspect they'd be OK if they could get out into the street and have a decent stouch with their mates from across the street.

We were taken to lunch today and here is a picture of one of the courses. Checking out the teeth on this beast confirms my decision against swimming here!

Tonights wine is a 2004 Cotes de Duras of which I had never heard before. Very potable and seems - frm lookng at the label as shown to the left -to come from somewhere a tad South of Cahors!


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