Saturday, 14 March 2009

The (not very) big count

Also known as the Palerang Council by-election.

At the last Palerang Council elections a lady by the name of Judith Miller was elected (with the help of preferences from us). She unfortunately had to stand down after one sitting, citing health issues. So the rules are that there is a by-election.

A few days before I was contacted by our neighbour, the local organiser for The Greens and asked to help hand out cards for one o the 3 candidates. He isn't a formal Green as such, but is endorsed by a Comminity party which is aligned with The Greens. As usual I said OK - on my past performance, probably giving the poor guy a kiss of death.

I opened the booth at 8am and decided to try to keep a track of the number of punters. (The last time I did this for a Local Government election, in South Australia, I was on deck for 4 hours and not a single punter came by.)
At least this time there were some voters. I was expecting a rush at 8am and then slowing down, but in fact it wasquite quiet but generated a bit of steam in the second hour.

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