Heading for Objective 2

In a recent message to my running (on the rare occasions they aren't injured) friends I commented that for me to get fit I had three post hammie objectives:
  1. Lose 20 years off my age
  2. Lose 5kgs off my waist
  3. start taking 2m/stride rather than 2 strides/m
I saw step 2 as the most difficult. However I have just been for a 4 hour walk around Pt Vila and have decided that I am well on the way of achieving it. So reality is restored and the difficult one reverts to #3.

My first was along through the wharf to the end of the road. Or at least as near to the end as one can get, since some fascist has decided to build his McMansion across the road. Quite good fun except for when a real estate agent (probably trying to sell the McMansion) went past in his car with two bolshie German Shepherds leaning out the windows stirring up all the local canines. Once the dweet was clear all the dogs returned to their abodes and resumed sleeping.

There were a few birds around, but unfortunately they were mainly seen briefly as they ripped across a clearing. I came across an interesting looking (ie rough hewn steps in slippery limestone) bush track up the cliff behind the wharf and was a little worried that I might have given bad advice to a young lady who I told there was no way through. However after a km or so the track seemed to end up in someone's yard so I backed off, hoping that (a) I could remember all the track junctions and (b) didn't damage myself slipping on the damp limestone.

I got down safely and decided to follow another road that I had passed quite often, primarily to see where it went. It turned out to go down the other side of the peninsula - where the young lady should have been heading for: I think I went past the guest house she was looking for, about 3km down the road so she had a fair old hike! There were lots of pretty flowers in the hedges.

The road actually ended up at a rather speccie beach with a few folk taking advantage of the nice reef break. As well as the flowers I took a few images of signs along the road, but will stick them in a different page. The final very bad image - she was doing about 60kph - is the Vanuatu approach to family planning - the red lump in front of the rider is a child - wearing a helmet but ....


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