Che joins the King

The title refers to my reading "The Motorcycle Diaries" on this trip and thus for me Che, like Elvis, lives. It is an interesting book although I really cannot imagine how they filmed it. By and large Che's behaviour is fairly reprehensible - when viewed from my age - or admirable - when viewed from his age when he took the trip! The book addresses this conflict but I am stuffed if I can see how it would be done in a film!

The translator of the book does explain the meaning of the nickname 'Che' as being Argentinian for something like 'mate'. This makes a lot more sense than our big fat English- Spanish dictionary, which translates it as 'Argentinian'.

As well as reading this tome I got out this morning for a repeat of the run through the port and managed a 30 second improvement. If this keeps up I will have to downgrade the distance.

At 6am the weather was quite reasonable: about 26 degrees and a steady 70% humidity. By lunchtime the humidity had stayed constant but the temperature had risen. As I walked back to the Hotel the clouds were gathering but have not yet dumped forth: they are probably awaiting my departure for 'Le Redezvous' to put on some beef.

There follow a few images of the local vegetation. Frances has noted that when you encounter lush green vegetation it generally means that water is not a problem, which certainly seems to correlate well with this trip to Vanuatu.

In fact the beef did not get put on at the restaurant. They listed a very interesting looking eye fillet avec langoustine but I decided that a Red Snapper dish was the go: and extremely tasty it was. I'll be revisiting the place on Thursday for their Sri Lankan curry night, having checked that this week - unlike last time - it won't be shut for some high-priced help having a private function. On the subject of last time, I referred then to the number of geckos on the ceiling: the most I counted tonight was 12 and an image of a couple of them is below- note the shiny eyes. I also snapped some of the local art hung on the wall.


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