Kylies go up

We will get to the bimbos in a few bytes, so just be patient!

Here are a couple of nice piccies of trees around the cliifs behind the Lini Highway. I particularly liked the palm as it reminded me of an early Naumann in his Rangoon period!

I was tempted to refer to the second image in the title of this page, but thought something about 'Roots" might have confused the Australian readers and bewildered the rest of you!

Tonight I went back to Le Rendezvous restaurant - opposite the hotel at the top of the hill, for a serve of their Sri Lankan buffet curry night. Before getting to my table I took a couple of snaps of the carved wood in the foyer.

On getting to the table the sunset was rather speccie so here is a sample.

After sitting down I became aware that most of the other tables were half full of excited young ladies having blonde moments. I don't know if any of them were actually called Kylie, nor if their escorts were all Bruces, but the squeakiness of their voices and the number of photos they got the staff to take of them with sunset in the background suggested a good familiarity with the work of Mesdames Minogue and Mole.

The curry was very good, but did a lot of damage to my campaign to lose weight. Although of course, depending on the quality of the curry, that could all change in a rush. But I did promise not to comment on matters alimentary.


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