An epiphanous moment!

When I introduced this epic to you I said "I will try to avoid philosopical commentary and details of my alimentary status." This page reduces my score to no more than 50% - and you are probably lucky that it is the philosophy that is breaking through!

I received an email this evening that concluded by hoping that I enjoyed Vanuatu to which I responded by saying that it was hard not to enjoy Vanuatu. This has led me to wonder - reflecting Andrew Lamb's lining me up as Julius Sumner Miller without the Cadbury's endorsement - why it is so. I have concluded, with the aid of some Bordeaux wine and Tusker beer, that it is because the place is very easy going and generally many slightly odd things to observe and think about. In other words, mst of the third world entertainments without thecrime and violence (so far).

However the epiphany came when I suddenly realised that the key to fun n travel is to treat New York, Paris, or London as though they are Dar es Salaam, Port Vila or Hanoi rather than the other way round.

To progress. The Cahors bottle has emptied, and I cannot blame the staff at the hotel. All my own work. So I have moved on to a 2001 Bordeaux which was somewhat thinner but very tasty nonetheless.

I then strolled down the mountain to the Waterfront Bar and partook myself of a fisherman's basket. Alert readers of my missives may be saying "Wasn't that where the Kylies hang out?" I must respond that it appears the Kylies are hydrophobic and tonght's thunderstorms kept them in their kennels.

The bar was graced by the presnce of a gent with a shaved head and a long beard and big gut, wearing a black outfit. My intial reaction was "Bandido" as not quite scruffy enough for most other Motor Cycle Clubs. When paying l'addition I noticed that his black tee-shirt said "trust me, I'm a doctor' so I went over and said "Is it true?" To which his first response - in a fairly good Australian accent was "Yes. I'm a gynaecologist." and as I cracked up he said "Actually I'm not, but it often works!" Back out into the rain to walk up the hill, still chuckling.


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