Back home to the fruit and veg

The opening photo above features a couple of Brandywine tomatoes which are about the tastiest I can recall, as well as being humongous or bigger than that.

It also includes a trombuccini, which as far as we can work out is a cross between a trombone (a variety of pumpkin) and a zucchini. This is a very strange looking fruit, but also rather pleasant eating when converted into a slice. Many thanks to Rob Ey for providing this plant for us.

The shoe is just there to provide scale: it isn't very big (by shoe standards) and I suspect not too tasty - unless well spiced.

This second image shows a gift basket of produce we gave to Ingrid for her 32nd birthday. )She also got a cheque towards a new computer but that isn't so photogenic.)

This image is of 3.2 kgs of crab apples picked from the garden bed in front of our bedroom. Totally un-netted so the Rosellas are really slack. I continue to be amazed how pruning the daylights out of a tree gets the fruit happening.


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