Boofhead and bugs

I continue to try to get photos of Cockatoos with crests raised.  Yesterday I got pretty close with Cacatua roseicapilla boofheadi (the Bogan Galah).
 Also yesterday I was pruning some eucalypt regrowth (I think E. mannifera) from one of our boundary fences and noticed some pretty bugs (ie members of the Order Hemiptera).  I didn't have any optical kit with me, so went back today.  Here are some photos: I can't put any more detail to the beasties - searching by Googl;e for "Red and black leafhopper " only got some UK species.

 This shows how they were spread around the tree.
Following an id to family as Eurymelidse (by Penny Gullan) and following a Google for "Eurymelid". I have been able to identify it as Eurymelops rubrovittata: this is the first time I have found Canberra Nature Map useful! Apparently the sighting recorded there was the first for the ACT Region (whatever that may be).  I shall add my sighting to the Atlas of Living Australia.

As I walked home I found quite a few of the regrowing trees, over a distance of about 300m had the bugs on them.  In one case there were also these things, which could be egg cases.


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