Some garden flowers

Having given the wattles a run a couple of days ago I thought I'd put up some snaps of some of the plants flowering in ur garden at present.   Despite the almost total lack of rain and high winds.

The daffodils (and relatives) have been giving good service for several weeks but are changing a bit as the varieties bloom at different times.  As was intended when Frances bought them).

These are the relatives: two pale versions of jonquil.  Apart from looking quite attractive, if Perfumed Garden is your thing, these can be smelt for several metres (and if brought into the house can be overwhelming)..

Grape Hyacinths
Small blue bulbous flowers - looking back I find my friend Alison suggested in the past this is Triteleia.
I'll note in passing that these flowers were being visited by hoverflies.  I saw my first butterfly for the season also (a Cabbage White, but they all count!)

A couple of fruiting plum trees appear to have survived, in part at least.
 So have a couple of flowering plums.  This one was getting some action from a honeybee ...
...  and looking very spiffy when backed by an unfortunately cloudless sky.


sandra h said…
I suspect the blue flowers are a Sisyrinchium (angustifolium?) rather than Tritella
Flabmeister said…
Thanks for the comment Sandra. I have Googled Sisyrinchium and it looks to me as though that is similar to Dianella in growth form, with an inflorescence on longish stems. The stuff we have is single flowers per (short) stem, which fits rather better to Triteleia - note apparently correct spelling!

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