No snow in the valley

At the risk of using an official joke without the approval of the full Committee, the title refers to a comment made on marathon training runs when the Murrumbidgee Valley was full of fog.  Even though we were only about 9km into the run when this was observed some people thought it looked like snow.

I am rabbitting on about snow as a weather report we heard on Tuesday mentioned snow on the ground at Nimmitabel.  This led me to forecast a temperature of 5oC for our arrival there.  Frances noted it was 14oC at Mallacoota so was more conservative going for 8oC.

The day started with a surprise in the animal department.
We have been going to Mallacoota on and off for 6 years and this is the first time I have seen a kangaroo on the lawn.  Indeed, its the first time i have seen one within about 1km of the house so I have no idea where it came from.

A Satin Bowerbird came a posed nicely on the top of the flagpole!
There was no excitement on our dog walk  or in our packing up processes.  Heading up the highway we had some concern that an old (laden) log truck might be going up Imlay Rd.  while it rumbled along nicely on the flat, bends or hills caused the anchor to be deployed.  Fortunately a clear bit of road appeared and we passed.  I noted that there were a lot of South-bound campers and caravans on the road: we wondered given the current weather forecast why people would be heading into such a climate!

The forest at the start of Imlay Rd had been subject to forestry activities.  I guess that is why they exist.
 Over the 60km of the road we crossed with 8 fully laden jinkers heading towards Eden.  (NB the photo was taken by Frances in the LH seat!)
That caused us to remark that all the signs urging people "Don't lose it on the Imlay" were oriented to be read heading Eastbound.  Presumably its the weight of the laden trucks that makes them a bit liable to do unpleasant things.

 About the 32km post a hazard reduction burn had tidied up after the forestry operations.  Presumably it will soon regenerate.
 Some more forestry work was actually happening beside the road.
 By the time we got to the end of Imlay Road we were up to 500m above sea level but the emperature was still 14oC.  Not looking good for my guess about Nimmie!

It didn't really cool down greatly until well after Bombala.  By the time we got to the Snowy Mountains Hwy (about 10km from Nimmitabel) it was down to 10oC and flickered between that and 9oC as we approached the village.  There was some snow on the shady side of a road cutting, and more visible on low hills around the village.  I didn't stop for photos.

I thought I'd be positive and asked Frances to take of jolly Spring lambs.
Mum seems not to have been too impressed with that pummelling and took off.
Possibly looking for a bottle of mint sauce.  (Another official joke refers to roast lamb being the only thing better than an 20 mile run in rain.)

The main range had been invisible due to cloud.  A little more snow was visible around Cooma but couldn't be captured in a photo. This image - taken around Bunyan - shows the cloud having moved in.
The temperature stayed around 9oC and we got back to a very chilly house.


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