It must be Spring!

In the past week I have added 6 species to my Garden Bird Chart for the year.  Some of them are migrants while others are just birds getting noisy and thus more visible.

However the point of this post is the growth that is happening with many of the plants we were given as assistance to regenerate the garden after the fire.  Thank you so much to the people and businesses which donated the plants: it is really pleasing to see things coming to life, especially after the appallingly dry weather we have experienced since March.

Here are some pix (I may add to this later, but had to expedite matters this morning).

The label on this tree has faded but it starts with 'Zelk' so I think it may be a Zelkova: if so it is going to need some pruning in later years as they get to 20m!
It is possibly unpromising to put an unknown-species tree early in the post but this is just beginning to get swelling the buds.
 A couple of snaps of what I think is a maple.  I like the hairiness of the buds.

 This is definitely a maple.
 Lowerdown this is a Sedum ....
 .... followed by Agastache ...
 ... and finally Rehmannia.
The last 3 species should all flower nicely and will be snapped when they do so.

On the subject of flowering nicely a few Grape Hyacinths are already contributing!


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