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I started a tad early as I haven't been doing the training but was pleased to find that for possibly the only time in history I caught Jimmy White not too long after the start.  He will re-appear later in this post.

I do not mind females going past me in runs: these days it's situation normal. So this bunch of happy souls caused no angst.
 However, when a 4 month (or thereabouts) old goes past its a worry.  Sam said "You'll catch me on the hills."  Yeah, right.  Here is the first hill: the pusher is just visible.
A few minutes, and several metres vertically, later the pusher is even more visible even though its so far away I have had to put in an arrow to highlight it!
It was a rather grouse day overall, although those of us of a rural persuasion wouldn't mind a few more clouds in the sky!
 As I started the final downhill Jimmy came past me, saying that he'd decided to catch me while I was walking up hill, but then I started running again.  He was unhappy about this but obviously my running was much slower than his.
In the official business Carol picked up her 100 runs t-shirt and was subject to considerable photography!.


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