More gardening happens

Despite the continuing howling gale I got out to wield the fork a bit today.  As our vegie garden is still unfenced this wielding happened in an area which I had put some chook wire round to keep the wildlife out.

As I dug a bed for snow peas I found some welcome wildlife was evident.
OK, earthworms aren't very wild, but they are very welcome as they do a good job of working over the soil.  Quite a few were dug up, implying the soil was in pretty good condition.

The first asparagus spears have emerged.  Yummo!
 I think this is a viable bud on one of the grape vines.  If so, it will be a miracle!
 Ditto this shooting stone fruit (the upper parts of the stem are gone but a bit of training and this will be fine!)  If only I could remember what it was!
 Blackcurrants can apparently survive!
 As can an apple tree!  (Other parts of the tree might require a little pruning.)
 An ongoing form of entertainment is clearing up dead and burnt stuff.  My guess is that this is the 30th trailer load I have carted up to the top paddock ...
 .. and dumped into an erosion gully.
I haven't really thought out what to do about this.  One thought is to leave it there to control the erosion (and to provide a home for reptiles etc).  Another is to wait until next Winter and then light it up with the RFS on standby.


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