Demolition men happen

An alternate title to this post was "Farewell to the bomb-site" as the house area looks so much better now.

A crucial stage in our bushfire recovery happened today with the demolition contractors (Irwin and Hartshorn) turning up to clear the old sheds out of the way.  We got an indicator that serious activity was about to happen when a large grabber was parked at the top of our drive yesterday.

While I was out early this morning it traveled up the drive as captured in these images by Frances.
A few of the burnt out Acacia pravissima got grabbed en route to allow the monster truck to get in.  Frances saw that truck come across the ford and it just fitted.  That was also the case later in the operation when it backed down the drive.
Waiting to start.
The top shed got attended to first.
The big truck is in the background here.  The approach seemed to be to get it loaded with metal and then it chugged off somewhere - a metal recycling facility I think - while the grabber and the small truck worked elsewhere.  
The stable and the red sheds also took the required hit.
After the metal had been cleared away a bucket was used to clean up the wood (from the deck) and other non-metal stuff.  I think that went to the tip.  I'll include some photos of the finished sites later but I was astonished at the precision of the work by the operator of this machine: I wondered if he could pick up a 5c piece!  (Or would he need more incentive - say a $2 coin?)
The supports for the carport were dealt with by this saw.  At times the stream of sparks stretched about 3m.
The roof of the carport gets grabbed.

Here are the promised images of the cleared sites.  First the stable and red shed  ....
 ... then the carport, toolshed and potting shed  ...
 .. and finally the top shed.


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