Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Technology 1 .... Kunzea 0

I posted a few weeks ago about my initial efforts to put in a firebreak by cutting of the Kunzea ericoides.  Following that I had a conversation with a couple of local residents who had bought some community brush-cutters with saw blades attached for Kunzea control (thanks Greg and Tracey).

That provoked me to try my Weed Wacka on the Kunzea but it seemed like rather hard work so I visited a local Stihl store and acquired a new blade for $38!
This next image shows how far I got in about 15 minutes: as will be apparent fomm the final image that is about equivalent to 45 minutes with the axe!
 This is one of the larger clumps I attacked: possibly took 3 minutes to level it.
The blade is described as a grass cutting blade, and the packet shows a prohibition on using it to fell trees.  The guy in the shop assured me that this meant large trees, and that is was just dandy for tea-tree.  So it was: this image indicates the size of stem it went through like a hot knife through butter.
This is an update of the extract from Google Earth showing progress.  The lower 2 rectangles indicate the area covered with about 45 minutes each of swinging an axe.  The upper box (filled in blue) are what I covered with the blade, also in about 45 minutes.

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