Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Mainly Koala photos

The day started with a nice sunrise.  Not much cloud around but the silhouetted hills of Nadgee were attractive.
 A few bits and bobs of cloud were over Gabo Island.
 Looking back and up a Koala was sitting - IMHO precariously - in the gum tree.  The use of the hind leg for scratching rather than hanging on was not conducive to staying in the tree.
On the dog walk in to town we found two Azure Kingfishers in various bits of Coulls Inlet.
Our middle walk was the Casuarina Walk.  There seemed to be lots of twittery birds around, but mainly staying hidden in the foliage or the understorey.  Very few flowers, except Epacris, and those we did find didn't photograph at all well,  This meant we spent a fair bit of time looking at the impressively tall trees.

I can't get excited about photos of tall trees.  Somehow it never gets across the size and magnificence of them.  This tree decided to help by bringing itself a little lower.  Definitely a headache deliverer when it came down.
On the way home, after acquiring a pie at the excellent Bakery, we went to Captain Stevenson's Point to see if there were any interesting birds around.  In summary, no.  A couple of Pied Oystercatchers and 53 Silver Gulls were the highlights.

After getting home I took myself to the water plant where diversity wasn't that high, but there were good numbers of Australasian Shovelers (23); Australian Wood Duck (37, grazing in a horse paddock); Chestnut Teal (16) and Hardhead (23).  On the biggest lagoon there were at least 250 Eurasian Coots.  The weather was also notable for its badness: strong SW wind, 10/10ths cloud  and occasional spits of rain:  I didn't hang around for longer than essential.

Back at the house the Koala had got active scurrying about to start its afternoon meal.
The position is even more risky so it had three fett fully devoted to maintaining position.  The non-gathering front foot ....
 .. and both rears.

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