Thursday, 4 May 2017


Shortly after we first arrived here we were given a lot of tubestock by Greening Australia, to revegetate a bare paddock.  Unfortunately that coincided with a very dry Autumn, and we didn't schlep cans of water to them, so the survival rate was not good.

We had decided that we would make a point of watering the 100 or so trees and shrubs we have put in after the fire.  However it is made a bit difficult by them being hard to spot in the landscape.  I think this is a snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora).
It is also a bit hard for people visiting the place to spot them when parking their 4x4.
Note the arrowed tyre track: I think they missed the tree.  So, to improve the situation for both of these problems I have put small cane markers with some red tape on them  beside each tree.
 As I did so I gave every tree a slurp of of water from the dam.  Or, in the case of the ones up by our entrance, from the Creek.  Carting 10 litres of water up there definitely emphasised the up: it will be good when we get some more rain!

Nature is also providing some new trees.  An Acacia - probably A. dealbata, although these leaves don't look too silver - is one of many growing through the property.
 Many of the eucalypts - especially those with no epicormic growth - are sprouting from the base.
These "natural" regrowers didn't get a drink.  In the case of the eucs, the existing roots should be down in the groundwater which seems to be in fair supply as the Creek is still running.

Since first posting this I have consulted the 28 day rainfall forecast.  What rainfall?  In that period there is one day (6 May) of moderate chance of rain, for which the BoM forecasts 10% of 0mm,  and two of low chance for which the BoM offers 5% of 0.2mm!  We could be setting a new low rainfall total for a month, such as 0mm!  Keep carrying the buckets

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