Thursday, 25 May 2017

A variety of natural history snaps

That is a pretty bland title, but it is truth in advertising!  These are a few photos taken recently which appeal to me or seem interesting.

I think this first is a slime mould not evidence of a very large bird having an extreme case of the trots.  The cracked appearance suggests the mould is not well.
The next snaps are of cobwebs in the fog.  The first lot are on our neighbour's fancy gate and was taken with my phone while on the morning dog walk.
Having got that one, I went out with my camera about 40 minutes later. While the fog had lifted somewhat, reducing the intensity of the webs, the better optics let me get a few pleasant shots.

I am still 'live'with Bird-a-Day but in the "Not waving, drowning"stage.  So went for a drive round the Plain to see what I could find.  Nothing of great assistance to that project but a juvenile Brown Falcon surveying the paddocks from a hawthorn bush was good to see.
As were a pair of Gang-gangs munching on the berries.

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