Saturday, 20 May 2017

A few Firsts

There seems to be a concept in the media of attaching the word "First" to anything to do with a Head of State.

The prime example is First Lady.  According to Wikipedia it was first used for Martha Washington. There are 5 First Ladies (other than the current one) still living:
The kids are sometimes referred to as First Children - possibly starting with Chelsea Clinton

The term First Dog has also been used, notably for the one acquired by the Obama family.  (This has nothing to do with First Dog on the Moon.)  I don't think the term was used for Checkers - because at that stage Tricky Dicky was only a candidate for Veep rather than the President he later became.

Having raised he of Watergate infamy, I am wondering if the current parlous situation is a case for the designation First Meshungener?   I offer with no comment two pictures from the first screen offered by Google in response to a search for "meshugener images"

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