Monday, 15 June 2015

The silence is deafening

I realise I haven't posted for several days.  That has been because there hasn't been much to post about, primarily I believe due to cold, dry weather.  Thus few flowers, either on the block or in our garden.  Also the fungi have disappeared (note reference to dry) as have the insects (note reference to cold).

My bird of the day today was Australian Magpie.  That may be a wrap for this year, although I have a couple of other possibles for tomorrow and a COG walk on Wednesday in ANBG may stir something up.

I could have commented on politics but it is too depressing.  A helicopter hovered over our area today:  as they didn't throw out bundles of $100 notes I presume they weren't from our wonderful Border Security Services but were in fact checking the power lines.

At least this won't have put stress on download limit.

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