Monday, 1 June 2015

May 2015 Weather

In summary, Autumn going on Winter, with a preview of El Nino!  In other words cold and pretty dry.


Only one day with more than 5 mm of rain, giving a pretty miserable total of 16.2mm. This was a little below last year and the 9 year average.
 As suggested by the average, May is normally a rather dry month.  Looking at the results for the past 9 years we have only had decent rainfall (which I define as >50mm) in 1 year and it is mainly less than 20mm.


The month felt quite cold, largely as a result of a good number of frosts, making it seem colder than recent months.  The maximum temperature was quite consistently around 15C , but the minimum was rather more cyclic.
 Looking at the red boxes (showing the 2330 temperature higher than the 0030 temperature) and blue boxes (vice versa) shows that in the second half of the month there are periods with groups of similar change.  This is normally a more random indicator.

In terms of frosts, there were 18 days with a minimum below 2C
of which 12 were below 0C ie an air frost.

Although my averages are at best only three observations (since 2013) looking at the monthly average maximum shows that to be a little lower than average for May ....
 ... while the average minimum for the month is a very small amount higher than the average.
The average temperature (ie a simple average of every 30 minute reading through the month) was  8C slightly lower than the equivalent value for 2014..


As usual the humidity level at 1500hrs varies considerably across the month.
The average 1500 hrs humidity for May 2015 was very close to the average value for the past 3 years.


If humidity is usually "a bit variable" the wind readings are all over the place (but, again, that is as usual)!!  As per my standard this chart shows the maximum gust each day.
I can't come up with a few words which summarise that graph better than just presenting the image.

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