Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Frosty and froggies

It has been a bit cool out here in the mornings with a number of days scoring no better than -5oC.  This some rather picturesque views of the Hoskinstown Plain on Sunday morning.
 A horse looked very cold silhouetted against the hills of Tallaganda.
 On the Monday we toured to Northern part of our block which was rather white.
At least it made the Kunzea ericoides look pretty.
On several mornings I have felt that the male Tawny Frogmouth actually had his wing over the female to keep her warm.  (That is probably a contender for Anthropomorphism of The Decade.)
The photo shows that his wing is a bit lifted and she is certainly pressed in against him.  In my monitoring of them I describe this as "snuggled".  In Summer afternoons, when the temperature is closer to 30oC than 30oF they will sit about a metre apart and move closer together again as the temperature falls.

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