Sunday, 21 June 2015

Early flowers

I posted a few days back about early flowering Acacia dealbata.  On our dog-walk this morning I noticed that buds were bursting on several specimens of this common species.  As we waded round ANBG on Wednesday I noticed that Acacia genistifolia was in full bloom there - but that is an early flowering species so not a great surprise.

We don't have the latter species on our block, but there are some Acacia gunnii, the other Winter flowering species.  Perhaps I should say "have been" rather than 'are' since I couldn't find any specimens of A gunnii when taking a prowl on the 20th.

So I took some pictures of the jonquils that are flowering in the garden.  Something cheerful for the Winter solstice.

The first few are rather short and have thus copped some bouncing mud from the recent rain.

 The others are much taller ....
 .. and thus not splattered.

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