Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fatboys watch the anglers depart

Our latest trip to Mallacoota has now finished and this is being composed at home.  This morning I (fatboy #1) was prepared for day 2 of the angling competition so have taken a few photos of the deck.  They give quite an interesting story.

The first image was taken at 6:36, with the sun just about rising behind the hills and a few boats arriving.  The first had come in about 15 minutes earlier.
 A couple of minutes later these guys were having a chat.
 By 6:45 the sun was almost up, but this image makes things look a lot closer to daylight than it actually was.
 At 6:58 there were quite a few boats in view but everyone was still pretty relaxed.
 By 7:08 the first anglers had been despatched and everyone else was inching towards the start.  Relaxation was off the agenda!
 Most of the early starters seemed to head off straight up the Inlet.  For some reason the later starters - who I think were the higher ranked anglers - tended to head off to an area on the far side.  This was the scene at 7:10.
 Everyone had gone by 7:15 so we took ourselves off for the dog walk.  To my great delight we spotted an Azure Kingfisher almost as soon as we got down to water level.
Not only did that sort out Bird of the Day for today, but gave space for the Square-tailed Kite to score yesterday!

Several other interesting birds were seen including Cattle Egrets up in the cow paddocks off Schnapper Point Road.  We had a brief chat to a local who was regathering his garbage bin as the truck had passed by and he reckoned it was necessary to walk up that road backwards, so you can't see how steep it is! (In passing, everyone we meet down here is very friendly: perhaps we fit it because we are of the correct demographic?)

A couple of garden plant snaps.  First a King Protea.
 Second a lurid Eucalypt (or possibly some other genus in the family Myrtaceae).
When we got back to the house I looked up into the large eucalypt to the West.  There was a furball up there!  Although I couldn't get a clear view it was obviously a Koala (aka fatboy#2) who must have had a great view of the departing anglers.
So that was a great end to a lovely trip (as always).

After ensuring that things were in the excellent nick we found them, it was into the truck and off up the road.  We paused in Eden to get diesel and visit the Smokehouse for Mussels and smokey Hoki and in Bemboka for a very nice steak and kidney pie!  Otherwise a rumble up the road!

A small point of note is that I checked the RMS website before we left to see if there were any road work or other excitements and none were shown.  So I was rather surprised to get held up just outside Eden.  I presume that the Council didn't bother to log their effort with RMS.  A related point is that last time we came down there seemed to be a lot of closure at the base of Brown Mountain, including a week of total closure.  I had assumed this was some major work such as putting in an extra lane: the only change I could see was some new safety barriers and a few metres of resurfacing.  So why all the closing?

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