Thursday, 19 February 2015

Windows on Wildlife

This is most definitely not  about a David Attenborough documentary sponsored by Bill Gates.

Rather it is about the native stuff that has been photographed on the glass and flyscreens around our house.  At least until the last item!

I will begin with a frog.
Although the pupils cannot be seen to be a cross, I am very confident this is a Peron's Tree-Frog.  I had hoped to get a photo showing the diagnostic feature but it leapt from the window on to my groin and - very swiftly, causing me to wonder why my groin was so rejected - thence to the deck.

That was late at night.  Early one morning we were visited by a number of Tiger Moths (family Arctiidae, genus Amata).
 Not uncommon but unusual to find in a fairly large group - at least 6 of them.
 This image is from inside looking out!
I'd like to say I was channeling George Formby but Frances is the ukulele player and thus the one who should be singing "When I was cleaning windows"

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