Sunday, 22 February 2015

Finally: a cooperative Blue-banded Bee

I have spent quite a few hours this Summer trying to get a decent (or in fact any) photograph of a Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla cingulata).  They come well within the range of the simile "Running about like a blue-arsed fly." Not only are they fast but also constantly on the move, especially in warm weather such as we are currently experiencing when the energy required to maintain metabolism is low and thus there is a surplus available for movement.

The best spot to try to get an image is around our Salvia patch.  They are pretty flowers in their own right.
They also attract Honeyeaters and Honey Bees.
If I was really desperate I'd say this photograph was good enough: its certainly better than many I taken of this species!
 However one finally landed and displayed its blue-banded patootie!
It even hung around long enough for an initial portrait ...
 ... and a comparison with Honeybee shot!  (The honeybee may not be obvious: check bottom-right corner of image!)  Roger Farrow has advised that the B-bB is robbing nectar by finding the nectary through piercing the petals at the base of the flower.  The honey bee in this image is doing the same.
Mission accomplished .  All I need now to run for President is an aircraft carrier and a 'display turkey'!