Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Weather report for January Part 2

This is the start of the promised monthly comparison weather material.  My current data set starts on 12 November 2013 and goes on from there.  Although I am missing a few days of November 2013 I have decided to include that in the averages as it will soon get overtaken.

I have included a rainfall chart in the basic weather report for sometime, as I have had data from one source or another ever since we have lived here.  Thus this report begins with some charts of temperatures.

The first is the maxima for each month.  That is, the highest temperature recorded in the month.
The overall shape of the averages, as summarised by the trend line is as expected and has a very nifty correlation coefficient.  As the average for January covers 2014 and 2015, it shows that 2015 is a bit lower than 2014!

Now the minimum temperatures.  As with the previous table this is the lowest temperature recorded in the month.
Note that the average for July - being the value for 2014 alone, is really zero, rather than 'missing'.  The minimum for January was slightly higher than for 2014.

The third chart shows the average minimum and maximum temperatures for each month and the associated trendlines.
The final chart shows the average temperature for each month: this is the average of the temperatures recorded every 30 minutes through the month (ie 1488 readings for a month with 31 days).

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