Friday, 20 February 2015

Eat your heart out San Andreas

I have posted a couple of times recently about a geology course we have been doing.  In the second of these I noted a reference to the Whiskers Fault.  This is one of many references to Whiskers in the area, but I can find little about the basis of the term.

I could initially find out even less about the fault, but on looking at an inset in the Geological map of the ACT
I was at least able to sort out some landmarks.  Label 1 is the Molonglo River and Label 2 is Chimney Creek, which effectively follows Woolcara Lane.  That enabled me to take a punt on the position of our house at about label 3!

The main geological map showed no detail of the area outside the ACT but armed with the above and seeing where the fault crossed the Eastern tip of the ACT enabled me to draw the red line on Google Earth.
I suspect that if the fault does chuck a wobbly we will be amongst the first to know!  Also early learners will be Australia's Defence Forces since, as far as I can work out, the fault runs right through the middle of the Joint Operations HQ immediately after leaving the ACT!

I have asked a few questions of the NSW Geological Survey and if I get helpful answers from them will update this post.  In the meantime if any readers know more I'd welcome their advice.

A first reference to emerge is to the NZ Journal of Geology (1967) Google "Whiskers Fault""New Zealand".  Mainly very technical geology but it pretty much confirms the location of the fault.  (Thanks to Sandra for that find.)

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