Sunday, 9 November 2014

Some gardening topics

The weather has warmed up and we got reasonable rain in October, so things are happening in the both the flower and vegetable gardens.

At this point in the season the best thing around in the flower garden are irises.  We should have a brilliant display but for some reason many of the ones we have purchased are being a bit coy in the flowering area.  I'll pump some worm juice into them and see what happens next year.

We transplanted some yellow flags into a swampy area we created and they are doing nicely.
In the vegetable/fruit section the strawberries have begun to hit their straps.  This was the first lot I picked and we are now up to about a litre a day.  Quite a few of these are being hulled chopped and frozen for later use.
Rhubarb rhubarb!
About  year ago some carrots were planted
Moving on to really current things, w ehave decided that it is time - after a month of munching and cooking - to let the asparagus grow on for next year.
The broad beans are doing pretty well.  (I suspect they are snake habitat #1, so small dog is currently excluded from the vegie garden)
 Peas are also starting to hit their straps (or in this case, snaps).
I decided to let this plum tree do its own thing as we have rarely got any fruit from it.  So it has headed for the skies.
 Of course this has led it to go get lots of fruit.
So netting happened over at least part of the tree.  This was not easy - leading to the development of several new obscenities (including &*^%^%^^_+!@@@!#&*(&) as I navigated a heavy step ladder around the tree and sundry garden beds.

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