Monday, 24 November 2014

Small dog syndrome is a myth

As regular readers will be aware we own a small dog. one Tammy by name.

Some friends acquired - what they were expecting to be - a modest sized dog with some whippet in its genome in the recentish past.  That is called Boson, since he was acquired about the time the Higgs Boson was nailed down.

As is often the case with rescue dogs, history has shown the providing agency really had no idea what the puppy is going to turn into.  I think the whippet element is probably correct - judging by his size I suspect the rest is something of a mastiff nature.  He is a very affectionate beast albeit with a tendency to behave like other Danes would refer to as a svinekotelet.

We have been intending to introduce the two dogs but I have been a tad nervous due to the size differential and cutlet potential.  However today the planets lined up and the two met - initially in our friends family area.  
It was well done that Rob was poised to tackle Boson (as I was for Tammy if she went feral) but in the event unnecessary, as may be gathered from the blurring effect just above Tammy's botty.

They were then let out on the back lawn where Boson tried to incite Tammy to chase him, but she was far more interested in the new smells.

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