Thursday, 27 November 2014

ANPS goes a long way East!

Note: a number of clarifications and corrections have been made after comments.

Today the ANPS WW went a long way East to Tianjara Falls.  Those who felt like a bit of scrambling went a bit further East, as will be revealed.

On arriving at the junction of Touga Rd and Highway 92 we found that conservation, NSW style, was occurring.

If they are trying to improve fire prevention its a pity they didn't pick (or indeed, as I originally typo'd "lick") up this lot of rubber stuff.
Three snaps of Leptospermum sp.  This first one is yet to be identified to species.
The next two are L. rotundifolium

Pimelia linifolia
Mitrasacme polymorpha
Dampiera stricta
Thysanotus tuberosus
Then we moved about 20km further East to Tianjara Falls.  Despite the overall dryness there was still a little water coming over.
Lambertia formosa
Kunzea ambigua
Melaleuca thymifolia
Scaevola ramosissima.
Bossiaea ensata.
Xyris juncea
 Isopogon anethifolius
A naff snap, taken at about 150m range, of a possible Callistemon below the rim of the Falls.  I couldn't get a closer shot and theredidn't seem to be any growing in the Creek bed.
Actinotus helianthi
Isotoma axiallaris: it was found at the Eastern extremity of our walk after lunch.
Near the car a couple of  Cryptostylis subulata (tongue orchids) were found.  Getting 5m off the track I found a colony of about 8 plants.  This one had flowers ranging from buds to spent on one stem.

A detail of the tongue.
Dipodium roseum.
Caleana major

Trees will grow anywhere.
Looking back at the lunch spot.
The bed of the Creek: the flowing water was apparently coming down the diagonal crack.
This is the way down.  About 300m East of the lunch spot.
Rocks have rolled
A goanna

An interestingly reflected beetle (Trogodendron fasciculatum) on our car window.
A Varied Sword-grass Brown (Tisiphone abeona)
A trainee from HMAS Albatross ossibly searching for a better pay offer.  Well below the rim.

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