Sunday, 2 November 2014

October weather report


We did fairly well for rain this month, with 55.2mm:
  • exceeding my 'tolerable' benchmark of 50mm;
  • beating last year by 41.5mm; and
  • only being 0.6mm below the 7 year average
We also scored non-trivial rain on 5 days, spread through the month.  

Taking a slightly longer term squizz at this, my 12 month moving average appears to be taking a small up-tick after a rather dry Winter.


Overall quite a pleasant month with warming daytime temperatures and cooling at night.  The 14th was an exception with next to no range of temperature and a maximum of 7!  Hello mid-Winter!

In terms of my seasonality comments in the September report this month neither achieved a high of 30oC nor achieved >50% of days with an air frost (although we did get 3 of them to punish early tomato planters).  So it fits nicely in my bracket between Winter and Summer (ie Spring).


The humidity values for the month were all over the place, with particular peaks on the rainy days.
The very low values towards the end of the month made me wonder how it fitted in to an annual pattern.The answer is "pretty well",   That is especially since I have shown only a basic parabola as my trend getting an R2 of 0.89: upping the order of the polynomial to 4 gets us to an R2>98% (but is probably pushing degrees of freedom constraints a tad)!


Again the chart does a good impersonation of a cross cut saw.  I looked at the monthly averages (using various measures of amount of breeze) and they showed nothing of significant variation.  More data is needed, and time is the only healer of that problem.

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