Monday, 3 November 2014

A short visit to Kelly's Swamp

This morning I had some time between tasks in Fyshwick and attending an excellent Technical Talk about orchids I called in to Kellys Swamp to see what I could dig up for Son of Bird-a-Day.

Peering out of the Bittern Hide I found a lot of Grey Teal , 1 Royal Spoonbill  and..
 ... a number of Long-necked Turtles.
 Moving round to Cygnus Hide presented a cute family of ducklings.
The appearance of a very noisy helicopter (complete with fire-fighting bucket) coincided with all the teal and the spoonbill taking off from the area in front of Bittern.  I say "coincided with" because the chopper didn't seem to upset the birds we were looking at.  Perhaps a raptor passed over the other area?

The Spoonbill make a rather unbalanced landing ...
 .. but gradually got its act together ...
 and posed nicely!

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