Thursday, 23 October 2014

Small excitements at Carwoola

This morning was rather warm, which made the pollywogmouth chick emerge from the feather blanket.
 I retreated indoors and took this shot from my computer chair.  It gives a better idea of how big the chick is.
 A few minutes later and I finally got a decent view of two chicks,  All previous views this season have been of a single chick and "a lump" which might just have been a bit of Dad.
 There are still a few Glossodia major around, but looking rather tired.  The first orchid excitement was the appearance of a few Diuris sulphurea in the upper parts of the block.  Here is a close-up ...
 .. and here a habitat shot.
 By 0945 it was warm enough (20oC ) to go hunting for sun orchids,  To my delight I found at least two plants.  Looking at the shape of the column and (particularly) the tufts I have concluded these are Thelymitra nuda, rather than the T. pauciflora I had been expecting.

A couple of days later I found the T. pauciflora a little further up the block in the Glossodia patch.

My guess is that were at least a dozen plants in the colony of which about half had open flowers.

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