Monday, 27 October 2014

A planty visit to the 6 Mile Reserve

I have previously discussed the name of this TSR in terms of its geography.  Wherever it is 6 miles from, it puts on a very good show of native flowers in Spring.  Here are a couple of panoramas.

The first features Bulbine bulbosa, Craspedia variabilis and Podolepis jaceoides.
This is primarily Podolepis jaceoides, many of them in bud form.  Plus a small dog which is allowed in a TSR.
 The main business was various swathes of Asteraceae (I still reckon Compositae is a more descriptive name!)
 Leucochrysum albicans tricolor in 1.5 colour forms!
Coronidium scorpioides
 Brachyscome rigidula (I couldn't get the leaves in focus: sorry)
 Calotis scabiosifolia (ditto)
Fabaceae (the beans) were also well represented,  Dillwynia sericea.
 Bossiaea buxifolia (leaves in image for once).
 Pultenaea subspicata: More leaves!
  Velleia paradoxa
 OK, it's bluebell time.  I will now go and wash my fingers out and get down to Wahlenbergias of 3 varieties.  First up is the small W multicaulis with small sepals that don't get to the end f the floral tube.
 It also has a tripartite style.
 The bigger species seen on the day was W. stricta which has hairy leaves.
 Back down to small, going on tiny, we have W gracilis with sepale that do reach the end of the floral tube.
 The style isn't so obviously split.

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