Friday, 24 October 2014

Happy snaps from Carwoola

The following are more or less a collection of photographs I captured around Carwoola today.  To a large extent they reflect the coming of warm weather.

This first was an Australian Painted Lady snapped as I went up the block checking on the snu orchids.
Next we have a combo of a beetle (details to be provided) on a Wahlenbergia sp.  There will probably be a special post on Wahlenbergias on our property in the near future, when we have sorted out what is what!
The orchid news is that the patch of Diuris semilunulata has hit it s straps.  Here is a good specimen ...
 .. and this is part of the main patch.
We have two species of Kunzea on the property.  The mass of K. ericoides has white flowers in December.  The less abundant (here - towards the coast it is the main offender) is the mauve K parvifolia which flowers much earlier.
 A sample of an individual flower has been provided earlier.

The warm weather has got the leggy reptiles out on the road.  This Common Blue-tongued Lzard was on Whiskers Creek Rd.
 A little later this Eastern Bearded Dragon was challenging traffic on Widgiewa Rd.
The black shade reflects (sic) the melanin used to prevent damage due to sun stroke!  I have in the past mentioned their ability to shift pigment around.
Fortunately it took off to the verge once I had got my images.  A different perspective on colour change in another species of dragon is given at this ABC post.

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