Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mainly garden pretties

The first specimen in a green apple flower.  The tree is flowering brilliantly this year, presumably to make up for not setting any fruit last year due to a killing frost in mid-October.  (That frost also wiped out large areas of cereal crops so our loss of some fruit isn't of great importance.)
The pears somehow missed the frost last year and we got a nice crop.  Looking good for a repeat this year!
 Our first Dutch iris has appeared.
 As has the first white Flag Iris.  (The white ones always come first.)
 The camellias which have not been subject to the ministrations of the Swamp Wallaby have got some very nice flowers.

The next tree is very special in view of its history.  We purchased it when we first arrived in Canberra (1983) and had it in the ground in our courtyard in Scullin.  When we moved to Bruce (1987) we dug it up and potted it.  It did brilliantly there, so when we moved to New York (2005) we left it with friends and then brought it out to Carwoola (2007) where it is still putting on a good show.
A little later we have bean (sic) joined by some members of the Fabceae.  The first to appear were some Sweet Peas (even I won't call them Sweet Beans).
 The Wisteria on our carport has now joined in!  It is pretty en masse  ...
 .. and gorgeous in close up!
Finally I'll dive back into native orchids with a couple of snaps of a very nice Stegostyla ustulata I found up the block yesterday.  The first shot shows the comb on the labellum ...
  .. while the second reveals the green column.

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