Saturday, 4 October 2014

A touristic arvo in Canberra

It would be unfortunate if we didn't pay a visit to Floriade and this afternoon was the selected day. We did a few other things as well.

Our first stop was the NGA where we checked out a Motherwell exhibition and a collection of Japanese Kabuki prints.  Both very pleasing.  Of course I didn't take any snaps of the work but thought this scene from onre of the windows had some appeal.  (The hill in the far background is one of those behind our house.)

 Walking round to Floriade the Captain Cook Jet was in fine order.
It even had its own mini-rainbow!
 Once over the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge parking was happening all over the place.
And no-one was getting tickets: presumably the sticker-lickers don't work on Saturdays.  I was not impressed to see folk driving along bike paths (and flabbergasted to be told that was OK .if they stuck to less than 10kph!

Tulips were the main attraction.

 In some beds they had pamsies below them to cover the stems.
We were intrigued by the demographics of the crowd.  Our guess was that at least 50% of the mob were of Asian ancestry (although judging by the accents the immigrant status of some of the families  was 'resident' around the time of the Eureka Stockade - ie around late 1854).  In that context it was good to see a couple of ladies wearng Burqas.

I have obfuscated this lady assistng her daughter with a gnome painting task.
Another art work was this Nissan wagon.  I found the positioning of two dummies in the back seat a tad alarming.
Barrows of tulips!
 Part of the reason for gong today was to hear the Tuggeranong Uke Gang show their stylings based on songs from the 50s and 60s.  The music was well done and they were obviously having great fun.

 The guy 2nd from the left appeared to be the leader and did a good line in Elvis impersonations.
When I took this snap I thought i had a bunch of non-uke players, but apparently the lady in the purple shirt is playing an amplified bass-uke.  And a good job she did with it!
 Nearby were the Flying Foxes which have been resident in this area for several years.  They weer surprisingly docile: perhaps the music soothed them.

Have tou ever seen a fruit-bat smile before?

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