Saturday, 3 May 2014

Toadstools but no fairies

One of the common names for Amanita muscaria is the Fairy Toadstool  due to the predilection of the Little Folk for sitting on them:
Not quite as attractive as that fairy, but an original Pookie book included several fairies in this drawing of an Amanita as well as Pookie the rabbit entering.from the right.
This was about the 8th printing in 1955 of the first in the series by Ivy L Wallace originally published in 1946..

Fairy toadstool is a nicer name than Fly Agaric but I didn't find any fairies (nor leprechauns, dwarves, or dragons) when I noticed a fine specimen of the fungus as I walked up our drive this afternoon.
Once I clambered up the bank on which the fungus was growing I found there were several fruiting bodies evident.  My rough count is about 50.
 As expected they were associated with some Pinus radiata planted by previous owners.  However some of the specimens were forcing their way up through the Kunzea ericoides growing between the trees.
 I thought these were the most attractive specimens.
There were a few growths on the opposite side of the Creek (again under pines) but the majority of fungi there were Lactarius deliciosus (Saffron Milk Cap - apparently edible, but I will pass on that).
 There were a few fungi I couldn't fot into the image so about 20 specimens of this species.

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