Tuesday, 13 May 2014

More on the Towns Project

Following my recent progress report  on this project I have acquired a set of geo-coordinates for the War Memorials in NSW.  Many thanks guys.  Sorting that out to meet my needs is why I have been a bit preoccupied recently.

A few numbers have got updated in so doing.  There are now 849 'towns' on the list - a few entries got deleted and a few others added.

I have been using Earthpoint to plot these on Google earth as KML files.  I've finally got generous and taken out a subscription to avoid having to twist my analysis to keep below 200 records.  It isn't expensive!

A first step was to define Metropolitan Sydney - as we don't want to spend weeks wandering the bitumen in there.  Here is the area I chose - with a need to keep the boundaries straight for ease of ACCESS use.
Then I identified the towns located within that area.  There are 191 of them and they're shown below as pink balloons.
Looking at the State as a whole there are 658 localities for us to visit of which we covered 134.  The ones we have visited are shown below as blue bubbles with those yet to be dealt with as yellow.
 I shall add a bit more stuff to this post later today.  The sun is shining and I'm due to go birding!  Been birding (it was excellent) and now back at my 'pooter.

The first extra bit is a shot of sites in the extreme SE of the State.
Clearly there is a need for a trip South of Moruya down to Bega to tidy up some towns there.  A few day trips also need to be taken to "mop up" some nearby sites.  I also suspect this is a bit of a reality check on my record keeping practices suggesting that I have been a tad dilatory in marking some sites off.

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