Saturday, 24 May 2014

Some things in the air

This is pretty much a gathering of images I have taken over the past couple of days, with a common theme (after a bit of a stretch) of things being in the air.

The first 'thing' is a Carwoola sunrise.  This is more or less to show that the high country can do dawn as well as the Victorian coast.
 This next  image meets the criterion of 'in the air" as it is a snap of a TV program 'aired' on SBS.  This was "War Horse" about the role of equines in the First World War.  I thought the picture was very evocative.
 This large raptor was definitely in the air.  Despite the 'pinked' shape of the tail it was clearly a Wedge-tailed Eagle (one of two soaring over our place on 23 May).
 Now that is a wedge shaped tail!  Looking at the images in "Birds of Prey of Australia" by Stephen Debus suggests it is an adult male bird.
 The last couple of evenings we have been visited by a few Bogong moths (Agrotis infusa).   These normally turn up in early Autumn but I assume the recent warm days have stirred them out and about.
 A close up of the head.
What has not been in the air recently has been any rain.  Hopefully we'll get a drop next Tuesday.

A couple of evenings later we were visited by one of the big red moths (Oxycanus dirempta).

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