Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rain brings moths

Over the 7 completed years we have been here, the month of May has been the the driest.  So it has not surprised me that we have had a 3-week spell without significant rain.  That all changed yesterday afternoon and evening as shown by BoM 128km radar.

This is the picture at 1516 (or, for those who like 12 hour clocks, 3:16pm) local time.  The UTC (again for traditionalists, Greenwich Mean Time) time is shown in the bottom of the image.
By 1550 the band of rain had got bigger.
 By 1655 the worst had passed us, having deposited 7mm in my gauge.
 A second wave appeared on the 2020 image and dropped a further 3.2mm in about 30 minutes.
That was accompanied by very strong winds, noticeable when I took the small dog outside shortly afterwards.  They are shown in this doppler image.
The small dog had had an active evening snuffling from time to time at the pile of moths along the bottom of the window.  There were many more moths than in previous evenings: as expected.

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