Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Phungus and (more phish) at Mallaocoota

So this morning we were forewarned that day 2 of the fishing comp was to start at 0700.  Sunrise began to happen not long after 0600 and there was quite a bit of light in the sky as I wandered down to the jetty at 0630.
 A good lot of boats were already gathered.
 By the time I got on to the jetty there were more boats and the sunrise was very spiffy.
This is about the full complement.  In total there were 62 boats competing, plus another 58 anglers not using boats.
As with everything else the start was very well organised.  The starter had a few words about:

  • not throwing fag butts into the water (surely even smokers would be smart enough not to do that); and
  • when releasing make sure to keep well clear of the pelicans (and some of the kids had been tasked to chase the birds away).

Then it was off, at 10 second intervals.  Each boater had to raise his hand to acknowledge their number being called and then cruise past the jetty before getting the boat on the plane.
As I got back to the house Frances was heading out for a walk with Tammy so I joined them.  This Grevillea was in a garden ...
as was a Pincushion Hakea
This was the first of three walks we did on the day and there were a lot of flowers around in the bush.  I've made a separate post to hold most of the images of them.  This is the third Acacia sp. which we found and is offered as a sample.
Despite all the blossom there were very few insects.  This ant demonstrates the sort of armament (jawsament?) which explains why their bites hurt.
At one point we stopped in some heath and large mosquito-like beasts emerged.  I was too busy swatting them to take a photo.

A few bird snaps were taken at the house.  This Banksia spinulosa was very attractive to the New Holland Honeyeaters.
 Cut up banana skin was also welcomed by a Grey Shrike-thrush ..
 ... and a female Satin Bowerbird.
There were a lot of fungi around, and again they have their own post.  This sample is, I think, Boletus barragensis.

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